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Welcome Beauties! My name is Nature Price Jackson and I am the owner of Beauty for Ashes Design Studio. 


My obsession for chalk paint began a few years ago when my mother-in-law gifted us her mothers Teak dining room set. It was a special piece with a fun story and came all the way from Australia. It wasn’t exactly our taste but we loved it and with her blessing I decided to give it a face lift. The thought of sanding, priming, or staining anything just gave me anxiety. I was told about a paint that you could use without having to do any of those things. My reaction…SHUT UP and where do I get it!!  I tried a bunch of different brands of chalk paint before I landed on Dixie Belle. Once I realized this brand was not just paint but everything you need from beginning to end, AND the endless options of colors and color combinations, AND that there was a built in sealer, AND that the products are water based…the list goes on..I was hooked. Everything was suddenly getting re painted in my house! And that’s where this journey began! 


Before owning my own business I spent the last 10 1/2 years of my professional life as an Office Manager for an HVAC company. Although I loved my job, my family life changed drastically. I was a single mom of 3 and married my husband in 2017, who also had 3 children. We then got custody of my niece and nephew. So we are now a family of 10 with ages ranging from 24 to 7! With all the changes of a growing family and my passion of furniture painting, I decided to make my side hustle my full time hustle and began selling Dixie Belle Paint and painting furniture and even cabinets full time. 


I am excited to share my passion with you all. Wether you are here looking to just purchase paint, asking for help getting started, want pieces done especially for you, or to schedule a paint party with your girls (or guys) you are in the right spot! 




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